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neil wilkins. i, line. linocut.

As I work, every brush stroke causes a piece to evolve. Each circle creates a new set of interactions and dynamics. I change along with new relationships that develop in the work and I experience my artworks as living and growing things.

Throughout the world, circles are revered as powerful symbols that communicate an innate awareness and connection to our surroundings. Circles are universal; they emerge as the first recognizable shape drawn by children from every culture and become intricately woven through our life experiences. At the grandest and smallest scales, circular forms provide a path to comprehension of natural order and offer insight into our existence and potential.

Both my curiosity and background of teaching science are enduring influences. I incorporate fluid dynamics, geological formations, ecology, and wave properties as references in my work. My interpretations take shape by seeking new perspectives and capturing moments of transition. By deliberately removing a sense of absolute scale, I allow microscopic and macroscopic interpretations to exist simultaneously. 

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